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Kerator Denture Spacer - pack of 4

Denture Spacer_Instruction.png


Resin seperator liquid should be varnished on the surface of the space block for easy seperation.

Direct Technique 

1. Create the exact space of position in the denture for chairside pickup. 

2. Minimized use of the denture resin. 

3. Shorter dental lab working time. No working for space hole. 

4. No need to make the Vent hole. 

5. Abutment and Metal housing be paralled and fixed by using a little amount and lower density resin. 



Normal processing in Lab (Indirect Technique) 

1. Place KERATOR Denture Spacers over the head of each KERATOR abutment analogs in the master cast. 

2. Wax up and set the teeth. 

3. Proceed the boil-out technique. 

4. Remove the Denture Spacer from the denture by using the Removal part of KERATOR Magic Tool.