KERATOR® Overdenture Attachments Are Reliable

The KERATOR® is currently sold in over 64 countries and trusted by thousands of dentists worldwide to provide superb functionality to their edentulous patients.
Kerator works in the same way as other systems, but at a fraction of the price. The Kerator pack contains inserts, cap and an abutment (angled abutments are provided too).
Kerator abutments are strong, stable and long-lasting. Kerator abutments are attached to plastic carriers for easy handling and attachment.
They are available for both Implant and Root Retained Overdentures.
The KERATOR® abutments are available in a wide range of Gingival Heights from 1mm to 6mm, and offer full compatibility across MANY POPULAR IMPLANT SYSTEMS IN USE TODAY.
Kerator are compatible with most implant systems including Adin implants, Nobel Biocare (Branemark, Sterioss, Replace, Replace Select), 3I, Astra, ITI, Ankylos, Biohorizon, Biolok, Bicon, Camlog, Endopore, Frialit-2 & Xive, Lifecore, Zimmer (Calcitek, Paragon, Swissplus), Uniti, Pitt-Easy, Osstem, Dentium, Dio, Dentis, Megagen, Cowell Medi, Warantec and many more.
Plus if you use an implant system that is not listed, we can make them in just 10 days.